Chat-to-Design: AI Assisted Personalized Fashion Design


In this demo, we present Chat-to-Design, a new multimodal interaction system for personalized fashion design. Compared to classic systems that recommend apparel based on keywords, Chat-to-Design enables users to design clothes in two steps: 1) coarse-grained selection via conversation and 2) fine-grained editing via an interactive interface. It encompasses three sub-systems to deliver an immersive user experience: A conversation system empowered by natural language understanding to accept users' requests and manages dialogs; A multimodal fashion retrieval system empowered by a large-scale pretrained language-image network to retrieve requested apparel; A fashion design system empowered by emerging generative techniques to edit attributes of retrieved clothes.

Weiming Zhuang
Weiming Zhuang
Research Scientist

My current research interests include federated learning, computer vison, self-supervised learning, and machine learning system.